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¿Quién necesita series de TV, libros o radio…

...teniendo el Twitter de Calacanis? Argumentos que superan a los de las series españolas, en tiempo real y con fotos.

(Empezar a leer por la última frase y seguir hacia atrás)

  • Made it, made it, made it…I made it baby!!! Man, I’m the luckiest guy in the world… I must have been a mule in my past life or something
  • My plane is in view! Made it baby!!! Thank you all for the good vibes… Gave motorcycle guy 100 tip, and counter women 50… Epic moments!!
  • In security diplomat line!
  • This is so exciting…
  • Photos on flickr.. Race to the gate now.. Were not out of the woods.. Blazing through security! No bags to check. Here we go!
  • Got it!!! Now if we make the gate!!!
  • Airline says I have 5 minutes and they close the door… Not good
  • He should be here by now… Not good. We are -5 minutes. I think paris wants me to stay…
  • Motorcycle company say he is moments away and not to worry… I’m outside at letter G waiting. Photos on flickr user: jasoncalacanis
  • We got five people pacing around the escalator waiting for the hand off… This is down to the wire folks.
  • Not looking good right now… Five-ten minutes to go!!!
  • If he doesn’t make it I’m going to paint the town red tonight… Like for real. Like blown dinner, champagne, and hit the club—for realz!
  • @dannysullivan: also, maybe we post our “guides” to knol and get 2x the earnings? Will you post your blog posts to it?google our publisher?!
  • Motorcycle says he can do it.. Hotel got him, airplane is holding gate. Feels like some james bond stuff!
  • @dannysullivan: knol seems more like wikipedia than mahalo. Long articles etc. So, we might link to it over/with wikipedia.
  • 12:32, motorbike picking up passport.. Racing to airport. If they get here in 30mins I’m fine.. Down to the wire!! Told him big tip!!!
  • If they get here in 30 minutes I make it, if not I have to stay another day
  • If they get here in 30 minutes I make it, if not I have to stay another day
  • They found it and are trying to get a motorbike to take it to airport… This going to be down to the wire.. Exciting!!!
  • If anyone is at hotel scribe they have my passport. Need it sent to me at airport. 3104564900 if you’re there
  • Left my passport in hotel… Disaster
  • Disaster.. Left my passport at the hotel. Ugh

Este tí­o engancha. Lo de contar la historia por Twitter en directo es bueno, pero lo de que le de tiempo a subir las fotos a Flickr e incluso de hacer twitts del estilo “corriendo hacia la puerta de embarque”, no tiene precio.


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